LiftForward is a fintech startup working to disrupt the small business finance and product leasing space. We started the company just over 2 years ago with the idea that we’d build a lending platform to help small businesses pay for equipment and other large expenses. We raised a small ($2M) Series A in 2014 and started funding our first small businesses. Last year we raised $250M (to lend) and became profitable. Now we’re on to a Series B and looking to scale.

We are an EmberJs + Ruby and Rails shop who believes strongly in Agile Methodologies and Engineering Practices as well as giving back to the community. With this in mind we have open sourced the following projects over the past 2 years:


A ruby client for Yodlee’s RESTfulish APIs.

Liquid Credit

A ruby client for Fico’s Liquid Credit API.

Lexis Nexis Accurint API

A ruby client for the Lexis Nexis Accurint API.